Through holistic well-versed practices and modern innovative techniques, our facials are a true process of revitalization, delivering results that leave you looking as good as you feel.

We have created a collection of results-driven experiences exclusive to Shanti's Studio, each carefully crafted to enhance your journey of personal rejuvenation and renewal.  With each ritual featuring the use of                              skincare, hand-poured, in-house, created from only the finest natural & organic ingredients, the experience is both holistically therapeutic and very personal.  Each facial ritual includes a thorough skin analysis.  



Incorporates the Beta peel with special emphasis on refining acne and problem-prone skin.  Healing botanicals, BHAs, and vitamin A act quickly to help manage oil production and resolve problem prone skin.   


60 minutes,  $105



This expert facial is specifically tailored to you and will include deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam and gentle extraction where needed, and a treatment-specific massage and mask. Finally, skincare products including an intensive booster serum are chosen to suit your individual needs to achieve maximum results.  

60 minutes, $115




Our most effective and targeted age-defying facial.  This luxurious facial will minimize wrinkles, immediately improve hydration levels while helping to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, large pores and redness. Incorporating a deep brush cleanse, age-defying enzyme mask and the application of the professional lifting and smoothing mask, containing concentrated minerals and antioxidants, plus the application of the FDA-cleared NuFace microcurrant, skin will be left plumped, toned and with a firmer appearance. 

We care about you and want to make sure you are always taken care of in the safest way possible.  Please consult your doctor first if you have had recent facial surgery, electronic implanted device, if you use a body-worn medical device, or if you have active cancer or any suspicious cancerous lesions.  Unfortunately we are unable to use microcurrent if you have a history of epilepsy, seizures or you are pregnant.  Results are cumulative and improve over a series.

90 minutes, $175



Help your teen manage breakouts and oiliness.  Blemish-fighting salicylic acid and vitamin A rapidly work to minimize shine, unclog pores, and resolve problem-prone skin.          


45 minutes,  $85


Enrich your spa experience with the added benefit of one or more of the following enhancements:


Adding dermaplaning to any facial will help take years off your appearance. $95



A glycolic solution of 33% reduces cellular build up, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.  Suitable for all skin types.  $40


Vie by Shanti's Active Enzyme Peel is our solution for all who want the benefits of a mild/moderate chemical peel, without the downtime.  The star of the show is our pomegranate enzyme ferment. A new, highly anticipated AHA replacement that's non-sensitizing. It eats away all the dead, old and dull skin. And delivers all the anti-aging benefits from the pomegranate at the same time. This Peel also uses MSM to help rebuild damaged tissue. Papaya seed oil for more antioxidants and moisture. Organic aloe for skin soothing, pore tightening goodness. Panthenol for deep, real cellular hydration. And lime hydrosol for a just a hint of extra tightening, toning and skin refreshing goodness.  $45


See instant results with the ELE NuFace micro current treatment specifically geared towards tightening the soft tissue around the eye, resulting in an instant brow lift.  A series of treatments is recommended for best results.  $45


Organic extracts are infused in a rich shea butter and aloe hydration cream especially designed to soothe and soften your hands.  

Next, your hands are immersed in warm paraffin creating the ultimate healing experience.  $15